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Bach's Barbershop



At Bach's barbershop, we have the opportunity to share our craft with our customers helping men celebrate handsomeness and wellness. We will build a lifetime of loyalty by setting exceptionally high standards and demonstrating excellence in everything we do personally and professionally.

From our haircuts to shaves, facials to massages, we guarantee every service to exceed your expectations.


Our award-winning team stays on top of the latest techniques and trends, to offer you an unparalleled level of service and skill. You can be assured that you are receiving personal results as individual as you.





At Bach's Barbershop we offer services such as:

     - haircuts                                 - eyebrow, nose & ear trim

     - razor shaves                          - clean-ups

     - facial massage                       - line-ups

     - shampoo & wash                    - designs


Every barber has his own specialties and offerings please deffer below to schedule and preview what services each barber provides.


Bach Nguyen

Ryan Del Fierro

Dawa Goes Behind

Bach Nguyen has devoted years of experience perfecting the haircut and is now a Master Barber of his craft. He believes each customer is like a new canvas, pondering from beginning to end his execution. The gradient, contrast, shape and crisp lines apply differently according to the bone structure and hair texture of the customer. He feels that he no longer cuts hair but a creator of art.


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Ryan del Fierro is a passionate self-taught barber who has been committed to Bach's Barbershop for nearly seven years. He has fallen committed to what was once a dying art to reinvent the standard of the barber. As one of the most meticulous barbers, he specializes in clean lines, cuts and freehand designs in all textures of hair. He is invested in his client's ideas and wants to utilize his vast artistic capability to ensure his clients walk away with confidence.

Dawa is a self-taught barber with over 16 years of experience. Forever committed to mastering his craft, Dawa considers himself to be a traditional barber with a tech driven approach. This unique approach calls for precision and attention to details. His specialties include: skin fades, shadow fades, shear cuts, and razor shaves. Dawa is confident and experienced in all hair types, from thin to coarse hair.  If you desire detailed lines or a natural flow, Dawa can surely deliver.

Kyle Bowden

Amar Singh

Kyle Bowden is a skilled barber whose efficient in short and long fades, as well as lineups, straight razor line-ups shaves and sheer work.  He prides himself on being a perfectionist, punctual and tries to incorporate that into his work.

Amar Singh is an advanced barber and has become a customers choice. He has a high attention to detail which shows in his beard work, this service follows with a hot towel to top it off. Amar loves cutting hair for people who enjoy pampering themselves and appreciate creative style.



Bach's Barbershop

SINCE 2010

Bach's Barbershop

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